Learn Community Rules


1.1. By participating in any kind of communication (chat, voice, group search), you are responsible for your conduct. Refrain from using language that may offend others or is contrary to generally accepted norms of behavior.

1.2. Threats or insults are unacceptable under any circumstances, regardless of the vocabulary used.

1.3. Remember that your attitude to the opinion of another member of the Community is not the only true one, have respect for other members and their opinion. Therefore, try to avoid unnecessary maximalism, argue your point of view.

1.4. Spamming is prohibited.

1.5. The use of obscene language in explicit form and with the use of substitutions (signs *, $, %, @, and so on) is prohibited.

1.6. It is unacceptable to directly insult another user and third parties, as well as bullying and trolling.

1.7. It is forbidden to incite and kindle conflicts, especially those related to the spheres of politics, ideology, religion or nationalities.

Account rules:

2.1. Personal data (nickname, avatar, information about yourself, etc.) is subject to the rules specified above. Any personal data that a player may change must comply with the rules and not be offensive. Names that violate our rules and undermine the atmosphere of the gaming community will be changed, and the account may be subject to restrictive measures at our discretion.

2.2. Please note that acceptable names are determined by player reports as well as by the Community.

2.3. It is forbidden to mislead and create fake accounts. Accounts of users who pretend to be public figures and write on their behalf are prohibited.


3.1. It is forbidden to publish images and videos that violate the rules of the community, namely:

3.1.1. Carrying advertising.

3.1.2. Pornography and links to pornographic resources.

3.1.3. Calls for incitement and provocation of religious, racial and ethnic hatred.

3.1.4. Provocations of discussion of political issues.

3.1.5. Advertising of pirate servers and links to pirate servers, as well as various cheats, game hacks and any other programs.

3.1.6. Trading games, accounts, keys or game currency.

3.1.7. Links to download the full versions of any games leaked to the network beta versions.

3.1.8. Viruses, software, program codes that violate someone’s rights and pose a threat to users.

The order of application of punishments:

4.1. In case of violation of one of the above Rules, the violator may be subject to a restriction in the use of the Discord server.

4.2. If you think that you have received an unfair punishment, you can challenge it by contacting the Administrators.


We do not intend to discuss and will stop the discussion of our position in the channels. But it is very important for us to maintain an atmosphere of understanding and respect between all members of the community. If you cannot agree with her, please think about the meaning of your joining us.